Dr. Joy, Veterinarian/Owner

Dr. Joy was raised on a ranch south of Reliance, SD where she was exposed to a variety of animals, sparking her interest in veterinary medicine. She attended Iona Country School until 8th grade and graduated from Gregory High School. After graduating from Dakota Wesleyan University, she was accepted into Iowa State University School of Veterinary Medicine. During that time in Vet School, she married Rick Assman. Upon graduating from Veterinary school, she accepted a position in Wessington Springs, SD. 

After a couple years into the practice, their first son, Jayden, was born. She brought him everywhere from working cattle and assisting small animals, to after hour calls. Small animals are his favorite, but he will help with cattle when bribed. A couple years later their next son, Cylas, was born. Cylas wants to work cattle and loves the farm life. He is just happy to help with anything. When 2008 rolled around Dr. Joy and her family moved to a farm in Kimball and opened Countryside Veterinary Clinic, INC. a couple years went by before welcoming Cully, AKA Pink. She has a love of animals that runs deep. Puppies, kitties, bunnies, rats and baby calves, she loves them all. “Is it a boy or a girl” has been her question since she could talk while she watches her mom pull calves. Then Raylan, otherwise known as George, was born. This little boy is a handful. He loves to play with the animals and helps wherever he can. He may be tiny, but he gets a lot done. Ryggs came along and joined their crazy life. She is a sweet little energy filled pint sized version of her sister Cully. Always busy doing something. She already has a love for animals at a young age and wants to help.

Other members of our family include a golden retriever named Holly, a three-legged cat named Tripod, a guinea pig named Patrick, a hedgehog named Mr. Prickles, barn cats, potbellied pigs, peacocks, chickens, turkeys, guineas, donkeys & cows. 

In December 2013 Dr. Joy assisted Dr. Charles Willis with his practices. One thing led to another and soon she purchased Chamberlain Veterinary Supply, LLC in Chamberlain, SD and Willis Veterinary Supply, LLC in Presho, SD in 2014. Since then it has been a whirlwind of activity between renovating both clinics and keeping up with the daily work.

Dr. Joy truly loves her job! It is not easy work but very rewarding. Her family is her world and a hug from them makes a hard day not seem so bad.