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Countryside Veterinary Clinic, INC

Services & Supplies

Professional Care for Large and Small Animals

With a variety of experienced staff at every location, Countryside Veterinary Clinic, INC offers professional services for animals large and small at each of our 3 locations. Look below to explore a list of the services we offer and give us a call at your desired location to make an appointment. We understand that your pet is family, so if you have any questions regarding our services, we would be happy to put your mind at ease.

Small Animal Services:

+ Spay/Neuter
+ Orthopedic Surgery
+ Soft Tissue Surgery
+ Dental
+ Overnight Hospitalization
+ In House Blood Machines
+ X-ray
+ Grooming
+ Ultrasound
+ Boarding
+ Chiropractic
+ Vaccinations
+ Full Pharmacy
+ Alternatives to Pharmaceuticals with Young Living Essential Oils

Large Animal Services:

+ Haul-in Facilities
+ General Heath Evaluations
+ OB Services
+ Breeding Soundness Exam: Bull & Sheep
+ Bangs Vaccinations
+ Calf IV
+ Castration Cut or Band
+ Veterinary Feed Directive
+ Pregnancy Check- Ultrasound
+ Prolapse Repair
+ Vaccinations, Antibiotics, Implants

Small Animal Supplies:

+ Heartworm Preventative
+ Flea & Tick Preventative
+ Purina Dog and Cat Food
+ Science Diet Dog and Cat Food
+ Blue Buffalo Dog & Cat Food
+ Treats
+ Toys

Large Animal Supplies:

+ Full-Service Supplier for Large Animal Products
+ Hubbard Feed Dealer